Chitra-Angan, affiliated to SARBABHARATIYA-SANGEET-O-SANSKRITI PARISHAD and also recognized by some other state universities was founded in the pre-nineties by Mr. Swapan Debnath with the objective to nurture the budding talents of the society by providing them with the education of art in an environment of creativity. At chitra-Angan each individual has the opportunity to explore the various fields of art which helps to strengthen our mission as we proceed towards a promising future. The school is thus committed to the creative people of our society by reflecting the cultural diversity through the content of our programmes. Here the students eventually widen their creative and drawing skills further while undergoing through various activities such as outdoor painting, drawing competition, summer camps which are held every year. The Annual Fest starts from 25th of December every year which includes Annual Sit and Draw competition followed by Annual Art Exhibition and ends with the Annual function. All these above mentioned programmes are specially designed to provide the students with an effective way to enhance drawing skills.


Chitra-Angan’s goal is to encourage and educate the students in a creative process which in turn would lead to the development of the society. The school comprising of experienced teacher and trained staffs help to inculcate the basic nuances of art in each individual. Here we help each individual to harness and maximize their creative potential by encouraging them to think and to experiment. The previously mentioned programmes not only help in the expansion and growth of knowledge of each individual furthermore it brings out the hidden flair from within them. Through our complete and well organised programmes students are able to boost their creative thinking and as well it will amplify their interest in art.


We believe in extending education beyond all the boundaries allowing them the student to work independently and develop their own creative perception. Chitra-angans’s culture inspires them to experiment, to question and to explore the diverse forms of art. Thus Chitra-angan is always devoted to its creative people and is happy to continue the good work for the society.